Who Is the T3 Network? 

The T3 Network consists of over 1,500 diverse stakeholders and groups including employers; education, training, and credentialing providers; government agencies; community-based organizations, nonprofits, and workforce agencies; and technology partners working towards a shared mission and vision of a brighter future for learners and workers.

What Does the T3 Network Do? 

The T3 Network works to achieve the following strategic priorities: data interoperability and harmonization, adoption of products and services that improve outcomes, advocacy to inform stakeholders and address policy issues, public-private collaboration, identifying and removing technical barriers, collectively filling technical infrastructure gaps, and building sustainable infrastructure to support a dynamic talent marketplace.

When Did the T3 Network Start? 

The T3 Network launched in March 2018 and consists of ongoing work across networks, workgroups, and projects.

Where Can I Find More Information About the T3 Network? 

All information is made available through this resource hub. To learn more about the T3 Innovation Network you can reach out to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation at workforce@uschamber.com

Why Does This Work Matter? 

It will take collective action from all stakeholders to enable an equitable digital transformation of the talent marketplace where: (1) all learning counts; (2) skills are used like currency; and (3) learners and workers are empowered with data to pursue education and employment opportunities.

Our values

For more information, view the T3 Network Guidelines.


We foster open collaboration, leverage open technical standards and protocols, utilize open competency frameworks/ taxonomies/ ontologies, and facilitate open data access in public-private data infrastructure


We focus on high-impact stakeholder use cases and ensure value-add within the talent marketplace

Equitable & Inclusive

Our community prioritizes solutions and partnerships to increase the accessibility of opportunity and promote equity and inclusivity within T3 Network and the broader talent marketplace


We empower stakeholders with learning and employment data, enable individual agency over identity, and promote data management best practices


Drop us a line at workforce@uschamber.com

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