Modernizing the data and technology that power the talent marketplace

The T3 Innovation Network is exploring emerging technologies and standards in the talent marketplace to create more equitable and effective learning and career pathways.

Our Mission

The T3 Innovation Network's mission is to enable the digital transformation of the talent marketplace by promoting data interoperability and harmonization across diverse stakeholders, including: employers; education, training, and credentialing providers; government agencies; and technology partners so learners and workers can better pursue education and employment opportunities.

We strive to:


make all learning count


enable competencies and skills to function like currency


empower learners and workers with data

Networks & Workgroups

When you hit "Join" you can choose which groups you'd like to participate in, or you can join the parent T3 Network without joining groups. Joining the T3 Network means joining a community of workforce professionals, employers, educators, policymakers, technology makers, nonprofit leaders, activists, and other volunteers working together to bring change for good through infrastructure and collaboration. Our work is international, vendor-neutral, and conducted under the CC BY 4.0 Creation Commons license.

As a member, you will receive updates on meetings, publications, use cases, tools, events, and other resources on how stakeholders and technologies can work together to improve outcomes for learners and workers. Membership is public and free of cost. Members can volunteer to lead or contribute to networks, workgroups, and projects and share materials for T3 Network use and distribution. Active participation is not required.


Making Skills Data Available and Useful

Open Competency Network (OCN)

Increasing the discovery and use of skills and competencies to power the talent ecosystem at scale. Making skill and competency data publicly accessible, machine-actionable, openly-licensed, and searchable across organizations.

Empowering Individuals with Their Own Data

Learning and Employment Records Network

Piloting and establishing equitable and inclusive best practices for the creation and sharing of secure and standards-based records containing education, training, work, and individually acquired skills and knowledge.

Achieving Interoperability Through Standards

Data and Technology Standards Network

Catalyzing for collaborative incubation and adoption of standards-based specifications and services that enable the learning and employment ecosystem.

Improving and Using Job and Employment Data

Jobs and Workforce Data Network

Improving how employers and their HR vendors develop, organize, and share standards-based jobs and workforce data to create value for public and private stakeholders. Encouraging the use of this labor market information for skills-based hiring and advancement.