ILR Priority Use Case Template

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The Interoperable Learner Record (ILR) Prioritized Use Cases were developed with a task group of volunteers who are participants in the T3 Network’s Comprehensive Learner, Worker, Military Record Standards (CLWMR) Project and with input from other stakeholders who have participated in T3 Network meetings. These ILR use cases are aggregations of a subset of use cases developed by the CLWMR project. This subset is aimed at the needs of learners and workers that cross-cut education, workplace, and military domains. These use cases also provide context for ILR pilot testing by emphasizing what learners are trying to accomplish in using their ILRs. It is anticipated that ILR pilots will not address the full scope of one or more of these use cases. Rather, ILR pilots will select elements or aspects of the use cases that fit their own scopes and priorities.