Workgroup #2 Report: Exploring Sustainable Data Standards Convergence

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The T3 Innovation Network organized Work Group 2 to explore sustainable data standards convergence which included the membership of the Credential Data Ecosystem Mapping Team and other interested stakeholders from the T3 Innovation Network. The Mapping Team is a group of volunteers representing several North America-based data standards organizations that convene to map competency and credential data standards. The overall goal of the Mapping Team is to promote collaboration, interoperability, and harmonization among standardization initiatives related to the credential ecosystem by cataloging, sharing, and mapping data models, standards, and schemas. The credential ecosystem includes credentials, credentialing organizations, and individual learner achievement records that contain information on credentials and/or competencies (e.g., transcripts, resumes, portfolios, comprehensive student records). This work group report first summarizes the most important stakeholder use cases related to data standardization. Next, the report summarizes input from the work group on major issues and technological challenges and enumerates potential solutions that have emerged through the work group's discussion.